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Auto parts for die-casting company which pecializes in making geumhyeong

SHINHAN Precision Co., Ltd.

Shinhan Precision Co.,
Since its establishment in 1996, As a manufacturer of die casting dies and molds for automotive parts, we specialize in mold making.

We have secured our own processing technology with a large number of human resources, large machining centers and high-speed precision processing equipment with long experience and know-how in die/mold design and manufacturing.

In 2012, we established a factory in Yangsan Sanmak Factory Complex, and continued to develop short-supply production and technology to secure mold quality in order to meet rapidly changing customer demands with the addition of die-spotting equipment and 30 ton large cranes. It is a company that all employees are trying to develop into a global die and mold manufacturing body.

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Business Fields Die Casting/High Level Vacuum Die Casting/Squeeze Casting Die/Inserts
Employee 48
Area 3,300㎡
Floor Area 3.100㎡

Address : 73, Sanmakgongdanbuk 13-Gil, Yangsan-Si, Kyungsangnamdo, KOREA
CEO : Jinhong Kim, Company Registration No. : 620-81-13837
Tel. : +82-55-912-1110

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