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Auto parts for die-casting company which pecializes in making geumhyeong

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The Best Global Die Making Company
Welcome to the homepage with my whole heart.

Since its founding in 1996, Shinhan Precision Co., Ltd. has been a leader in die casting die and mold manufacturing technology for automobile parts.

In addition, we endeavored to become a company that is energetic and wants everyone to work with continuous support for fostering upbeat and excellent human resources, and always contributes to the local community by working with safety as the top priority and continuous company development. We are operating with the motto of

In order to become a global leader in the die and mold industry, we will grow into a leading company in the future, accepting the rapidly changing needs of customers by developing various technologies and adding additional facilities.

Shinhan Precision Co., Ltd. CEO
Jinhong Kim


1. Let's have humanity
(人間愛 - Love for man)

2. Observe the principle
(原則 - Basic rules or laws that must be consistently followed in any action or theory)

3. Let's communicate well
(疏通 - Communicate with one another so that there is no misunderstanding)

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